Battery Service Disconnect

Battery Service Disconnect

Engineered to your project specifications, the AMtec Battery Service Disconnect allows you to disconnect battery storage units.

In the example pictured, the unit is disconnecting 5MW of battery storage; 6 banks of batteries, 2 per inverter.

With ultra fast lead times, highest build quality, and competitive pricing, you’ll be glad you worked with AMtec.


  • Connector.

    Disconnecting Means

    Two 1000V switches
    Through-the-door handles

  • Connector.

    Current Management

    Rated to 2,000A
    Custom fuse block (example: 4x500A, 1500VDC fuses)
    Fusing on both incoming and outgoing positive bus

  • Connector.


    Customizable wiring and routing, engineered to meet your needs
    Provisions to land dual NEMA 2-hole lugs
    Custom ground bar for large grounding conductors

  • Connector.

    Enclosure Details

    Large, custom bottom-cutout for multiple 4″ conduits
    NEMA 3R freestanding enclosure

5-year warranty
Skid-ready and engineered to meet your needs
Made in USA

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