Solar Balance of System Products

Prominence Combiner Boxes

Completely configurable to meet the needs of your next project. Combine up to 36 strings, from 600VDC up to 1500VDC, and from 250A to 400A. With ultra fast lead times, highest build quality, and competitive pricing, you’ll be glad you worked with AMtec.

Equinox Disconnect Switch Cabinets

Load Break and Non-Load-Break Disconnect cabinets up to 1500VDC, and configurable with support for up to 10 inputs, multiple disconnect handles, 250A and 400A loads,

Auxiliary Power Enclosures

The “Aux Cabinet” is one of our innovative new products, and an essential item for your next skid. These highly customizable cabinets can be configured to bring together all of the controls you need to make your project more user-friendly. It’s an all-in-one power center for convenience power, lighting, trackers, and data collection.

  • Product DetailsCheck out the amazing new Auxiliary Power Enclosures.
  • The new essential item.

Battery Service Disconnects

AMtec now offers a line of Battery Service Disconnect enclosures, engineered to meet the needs of any project. Disconnect battery storage, any number of batteries, in multiples of 2 per inverter. Custom fusing and switch configurations designed to your project requirements.