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AMtec develops solar balance of system products and solutions for a wide range of installations. Learn more…

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AMtec’s innovative Auxiliary Power Enclosure is the new essential component for your next skid. Find out why this is one of the hottest products we’ve ever launched. Learn more…

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AMtec brings you world-class engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities, guaranteeing the highest-quality, repeatable results, project after project. Learn more…

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Industry-wide, hand-drilling, measuring, and cutting is one of the limiting steps in manufacturing Balance of System products.

We’ve essentially eliminated these processes, replacing them with high-efficiency, computer-controlled machining systems capable of handling enclosures of even the largest sizes. This has reduced AMtec’s turn times down by several weeks on most projects, while actually improving quality, accuracy and consistency.

NEW: Battery Service Disconnect

We will engineer to meet your needs. Disconnect multiple banks of battery storage units, 2 per inverter. With through-the-door disconnect handls, high-voltage switches, custom fuse blocks, incoming and outgoing fusing, custom ground bars and NEMA 3R rating, this is the unit you’ll want for your next project.
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